PMP certification Expiration and Professional Development Unit Information


Got the PMP credentials. What Next? What is CCR? How to maintain PMP credentials?

Your PMP credentials are valid for three calendar years (CCR cycle). Here is an example to illustrate. Please note that starting Aug 2008, PMI has changed the expiration date (based on Anniversary of Credential) rules which will affect all credential holders.

Exam Month Credential Start Date CCR end on Valid Credential Duration
January Jan 2008 Dec 2011 4 Years
February Feb 2008 Dec 2011 3 Years 11 months
March Mar 2008 Dec 2011 3 Years 10 months
April Apr 2008 Dec 2011 3 Years 9 months
... so on .... ....
December Dec 2008 Dec 2011 3 Years 1 month

We hope you got a clear picture on the duration. Please note that year 2008 is an example.

What is the new PMP expiration date rule? Is it based on Anniversary of Credential ?

As per new PMI circulation, "Anniversary of Credential" will be new basis for PMP Expiration Dates. Here are the excerpts with an example.

At the end of every year, the volume of PMP renewals is very high because currently all credential holders expire on 31 December of the third year after they earn the credential. To better meet customer needs, PMI will change and spread out all PMP credential holders' expiration dates. By July to September 2008, PMI will circulate the communication to all credential holders and they will be assigned new expiration dates which correspond with the anniversary dates of when their credentials were earned. This will result in simplification of the PMP certification cycle. Please note that all current PMP credential holders will have months added to their renewal cycle based on the anniversary of their earning the credential.

Exam date and month Current expiration date Sample New Expiration date Valid Credential Duration Sample new renewal date (after earning PDUs)
12 January 2008 31 Dec 2011 12 January 2012 4 Years 12 January 2015
12 January 2007 31 Dec 2010 12 January 2011 4 Years 12 January 2014
12 January 2006 31 Dec 2009 12 January 2010 4 Years 12 January 2013
12 January 2005 31 Dec 2008 12 January 2009 4 Years 12 January 2012
12 January 2004 31 Dec 2007 12 January 2008 4 Years 12 January 2011

Hope you got a clear picture on new expiration dates. Above date are for example. Please substitute your actual date with the sample date. Click here for more information.

Why I have to renew my PMP credentials?

PMI works diligently to promote continuing professional development and ensure the ongoing value of and respect for its credentials. The PMI Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program supports this work by promoting the constant development and growth of its credential holders.

What are the Continuing Certification Requirements?

  • Earn and Report at least 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) during each three year CCR cycle
  • Complete the renewal application form and pay the renewal fee
  • Agree to PMI code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  • If you meet all the above requirements, you can maintain your PMP credentials for next three years. The hard way to keep your PMP credentials is to reappear for the PMP exam again.

    What is PDU and how to earn PDUs?

    PDUs are measuring units used to quantify approved learning and professional service activities. Typically one (1) PDU is earned per hour spent in a planned and structured learning activity. The CCR program has identified five categories in which PMP credential holders can earn PDUs:

  • Category 1: Formal academic education
  • Category 2: Professional activities and self-directed learning
  • Letter Code Description Number of PDUs earned
    2A Author or co-author of an article pertaining to project and/or program management published in a referred journal 30 PDUs per article (author); 20 PDUs per article (co-author)
    2B Author or co-author of an article pertaining to project and/or program management published in a no-referred journal 15 PDUs per article (author); 10 PDUs per article (co-author)
    2C Speaker/teacher on project management topic at conference or workshop 10 PDUs per activity
    2D Speaker on a project management topic at PMI Component/chapter meeting 5 PDUs per activity
    2E Member of moderator of a project, program management panel discussion at a conference 5 PDUs per activity
    2F Author or co-author of textbook that pertains to project management 40 PDUs (author); 20 PDUs (co-author)
    2G Developer of content for a structured project and/or Program management learning program 10 PDUs per new program
    2H Practitioner of project management services for more than 1,500 project hours per calendar year 5 PDUs per calendar year
    2-SDL Self-directed learning activities are individualized learning projects involving personally conducted research or study Maximum 15 SDL PDUs per CCR cycle

  • Category 3: Educational programs offered by PMI Registered Education Providers (R.E.P.) or PMI components
  • Category 4: Educational programs offered by other providers
  • Category 5: Volunteer service to professional or community organizations
  • I am extremely busy in my current assignment. How will I earn PDUs? Any Tips?

    Earning PDUs during your CCR cycle is easy. Here are the tips -

  • Join your local PMI chapter group and as an elected officer you can maximum of 20 PDUs per CCR through professional service. Please get in touch with your local chapter group.
  • Publish an article in Project management Journal to earn 30 PDUs as an author and 20 PDUs as a coauthor.
  • Perform speaker/teacher role on Project or project management article at a conference or workshop and earn 10 points per activity.
  • If you are managing projects/programs for more than 1,500 project work experience per calendar year, you can earn 5 PDUs.
  • Under self learning category (2-SDL), you can earn 15 PDUs per CCR. Under self learning category means you can read books, articles, videos, or listen to Project management podcasts etc.
  • You can also attend some Project Management related seminars to earn PDUs. Please note that most of the seminars you are required to pay fees.
  • Where should I report my PDUs?

    You can report PDUs using online forms or hard-copy forms available in CCR handbook. Please click here to report your PDUs online.

    I have more than 60 PDUs in my CCR cycle, can I transfer them to next CCR cycle?

    Yes. If you earn more than 60 PDUs in your CCR cycle, you may apply up to 20 of your additional PDUs to next CCR cycle with a condition that PDUs earned in the third year of your certificate cycle can be transferred.


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