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1. Which document can help a project manager to ensure clear boundaries for project execution?

A. Product acceptance

B. Risk register

C. Scope statement

D. Statement of work

2. A project manager assigned a team of quality auditors to assess product development processes on a project. The team reports that irrelevant quality standards and questionable metrics were being used which might lead to rework. What was the objective in initiating this study?

A. Quality assurance

B. Quality planning

C. Business process re-engineering

D. Quality control

3. The basic statement derived from the Hawthorne Effect says:

A. Physical working conditions like lighting and noise are the most relevant factors influencing workers’ productivity and quality.

B. A well-developed scheme of breaks has the strongest influence on workers' productivity and quality.

C. Supervision has the strongest influence on workers’ productivity and quality.

D. Attention has the strongest influence on workers’ productivity and quality.

4. Testing is primarily used in projects as a tool for

A. Quality planning

B. Overall quality improvement

C. Quality control

D. Quality assurance

5. A work breakdown structure in a large scale project where all physical work is procured from external providers should be detailed to what level?

A. Activities

B. Work packages which represent procurement items

C. Control accounts assigned to procurement team members

D. WBS dictionary level

6. Which should be no reason why work authorization for a project should be taken particularly serious?

A. Unclear work authorization of team members may lead to unusable effort estimates.

B. Standard job descriptions of team members may not apply during their assignment to project work.

C. Unclear work authorization of team members during a project may lead to scope creep.

D. Unclear work authorization of team members often comes with dual reporting structures with too vague limitations of managerial responsibilities.

7. What is true for contingency reserves and management reserves?

A. Management reserves are provided for known unknowns, contingency reserves are provided for unknown unknowns.

B. Management reserves are provided for the unknown unknown, contingency reserves are provided for the known unknown.

C. Both management reserves and contingency reserves are provided for known unknowns.

D. Both management reserves and contingency reserves are provided for unknown unknowns.

8. What is not the purpose of Configuration Control when Configuration Management is applied?

A. Ensuring that proposed engineering changes to configuration items are fully coordinated and documented.

B. Ensuring timely revisions to the established functional baseline documentation.

C. Ensuring timely revisions to the established product baseline documentation.

D. Verification that the configuration identification for a configured item is accurate, complete, and will meet specified program needs.

9. What problem cannot be caused by dangles in network logic diagrams?

A. Bad understanding of the influence of delays during the course of the project on meeting deadlines.

B. Erroneous resource leveling.

C. Assignment of team members to activities who do not have the appropriate skills.

D. Incomplete control over achievements during project execution at sink nodes.

10. Life cycle costing is based on the principle that

A. The product development and implementation teams also take responsibility for usage costs.

B. The product development team also takes responsibility for implementation costs.

C. Costs of changes to the scope of the project are balanced against their effects on the costs of later product usage.

D. Project managers are getting appraised for the cost savings they create for the entire organization.

11. A project manager has several work packets subcontracted to external providers on a fixed price base. Which technique to track progress is mostly appropriate to these items?

A. Agreeing on a practical number of weighted milestones during the course of each work package to assess progress.

B. Assigning 50%/50% fixed formula.

C. Calculating time and material.

D. Monitoring and controlling actual work progress of the providers’ employees.

12. Which of the following activities is not a prerequisite to regard a project as completely closed?

A. The project documentation is archived.

B. The project team is disbanded.

C. The Lessons learned from the project are captured and documented in an organized manner.

D. The project work has been finished.


Question Answer
1 C
2 A
3 D
4 C
5 B
6 A
7 B
8 D
9 C
10 A
11 A
12 D

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