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1. Which of the following can be stakeholders in a project?

A. Government agencies

B. Media outlets

C. The Project Manager

D. All of the above

2. The Director of IT department approaches you and requests that you to change the visitor logon screen on the company's website to include a username and password fields. This is considered as

A. Project initiation

B. A Project

C. Ongoing operations

D. Quality control

3. The Triple Constraint triangle is a framework for evaluating competing demands. Which of the following are currently accepted as the triple constraints.

A. Scope, Time, Cost, Customer Satisfaction, Quality Assurance

B. Scope, Time, Cost, Risk, Customer Satisfaction

C. Scope, Time, Cost, Risk, Quality

D. Scope, Time, Cost

4. Which is not a characteristic of a project

A. Quality planning

B. Is repeated periodically

C. Definite beginning and end

D. Temporary

5. When properly defined, the scope of the project

A. always gets larger, never smaller

B. may or may not change, depending on the project

C. should remain constant even as the product characteristics are progressively elaborated

D. will change as the project plan is implemented

6. The Core Processes

A. Are generally optional

B. Don't apply to planning processes

C. Include risk identification

D. Have clear dependencies that require them to be done in the same order

7. The Project Management Framework includes

A. The Project Management Context

B. The Project Management Processes

C. Organizational Influences

D. All of the above

8. Who holds the power in a Strong Matrix Organization?

A. The Functional Manager

B. The Project Manager

C. The Project Expeditor

D. A specially trained Staff member

9. Project Management Process Interactions can be described in terms of all of the following except?

A. Deliverables

B. Inputs

C. Tools and Techniques

D. Outputs

10. When a Project is being performed under contract, which of the following provides the product description?

A. The Buyer

B. The Project Sponsor

C. The Project Manager

D. The Contractor

11. Which of the following is true regarding the Project Charter?

A. The project charter should be published under the name of a manager external to the project

B. The project charter should be published under the project sponsor's name

C. The project charter should be published under the name of the project manager

D. The project charter should be published under the name of the project champion

Looking for Answers - I guess these are very simple questions and you can figure it out.

Tutorials Home Page

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